Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Clinic at "Dubai Medical University Hospital" provides Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery, its a life-changing technique by which individuals can enjoy a higher quality of life.


Our internationally acclaimed cardiologists have extensive expertise in treating conditions related to the heart, lungs and chest.

Dental Care

Our experienced dentists see patients all ages for general dental care.

Dermatology Clinic

Dermatology Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” provides comprehensive services for both skin and venereal diseases, in addition to services related to skin and its care.

Endocrine & Diabetic

Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” offers the latest treatment plans for diabetes and endocrine problems based on the latest results of medicine in this field, which leads patients to a better life.

Ear / Nose / Throat (ENT)

Our experienced and internationally acclaimed ear, nose, and throat physicians provide children and adults with comprehensive care for conditions related to the ear, nose, throat and the base of the skull.

General Practitioner (GP)

Our highly-trained GP’s are particularly skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions including acute and chronic illnesses for men and women of all ages.


Our Gastroenterologists have many years of experience in this field and all possess a wealth of knowledge.

General Surgery

Our team of multidisciplinary surgeons have extensive experience in their fields and all possess the wealth of knowledge required to provide a wide range of general operations.

Gynecology (Ob/Gyn)

Our gynecologists have extensive experience in their clinal field and all possess the wealth of knowledge required to provide expert diagnosis and comprehensive medical and surgical gynecology treatment for women of all ages.

Internal Medicine

Our highly qualified Internal Medicine physicians oversee patients’ general health and address a wide range of medical conditions for adult patients.

Nephrology Clinic

Nephrology Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” provides integrated health services to all patients with problems and atrophy in acute and chronic kidney functions and in full coordination with other medical specialties such as internal medicine and urology within an integrated team of the best doctors.

Neurology Clinic

Neurological Clinic at "Dubai Medical University Hospital" treats various acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system and deals with emergency cases such as stroke accurately and professionally to avoid complications.

Neurosurgery Clinic

Neurosurgery Clinic in "Dubai Medical University Hospital" has qualified doctors with experience in performing surgeries on the nervous system with the latest surgical methods and emergency management such as cerebral hemorrhage.

Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Clinic at the Outpatient Department at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” provides health and nutritional programs appropriate for patients to ensure a better healthy life for them.

Obstetrics (Ob/Gyn)

Our obstetricians and their multidisciplinary support teams offer all expectant mothers a complete package of individualized care throughout pregnancy.


Our team of accomplished ophthalmologists have experience in all ophthalmology subspecialties.


Our experience orthopedic physicians have expertise in many orthopedic subspecialties so they can provide a diverse range of solutions

Pediatric Clinic

Our team of expert pediatricians provide gentle care for children from newborn to 16 years.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is the art of functional and aesthetic restoration of defects and deformities of the human body due to birth disorders, traumas, burns and diseases.

Psychiatric Clinic

The Psychiatric Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” provides diagnostic and treatment services for patients suffering from various psychological and neurological problems. We have highly- qualified and experienced psychiatrists. Our clinic has the latest medical techniques in the psychological and neurological fields according to international standards.

Respiratory Clinic

Respiratory Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” treats acute and chronic chest diseases and take urgent procedures in emergency situations such as acute asthma crises and respiratory failure.


Rheumatology Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” offers the most appropriate and best treatment for all patients who suffer from rheumatic joint problems. We use the latest techniques with the latest equipment.

Urology Clinic

Urology Clinic at “Dubai Medical University Hospital” offers the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, performing specific surgeries in the most modern surgical methods, and applying the highest standards in diagnosing and treating a wide range of urinary problems.

Other Departments / Services:


Physiotherapy Department provides a wide range of expertise in the field of orthopedics for adults/pediatrics cases, sports therapy, rheumatology, occupational medicine, fitness assessment and enhancement.


Radiology Department provides a comprehensive array of diagnostic imaging services for uninterrupted patient diagnosis and care.